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Footballers Personalised Washbags

Footballers Personalised Washbags

With footballers personalising a lot more than just their shin pads these days, one thing that has become popular in recent years is personalised washbags. If you’ve ever seen footballers arriving at a stadium you’ll notice they rarely get off the team bus without clutching a washbag (why they needed it on the bus we’re […]

Carbon Fibre Shin Pads

Study On The Effectiveness of Shin Guards Used by Football Players

The aim of this study was to compare the protective effectiveness of polypropylene based shin guards with custom-made carbon fiber ones. Three commercial polypropylene shin guards (Adidas Predator™, Adidas UCL™, and Nike Mercurial™) and two custom-made carbon fiber shin guards were examined. The experimental setup had the following parts: 1) A pendulum attached a load […]