How To Get Motivated On Match Day – Get An Extra Boost When You Step Onto The Pitch!

Although you probably love the game and always look forward to playing on match day, sometimes you just need that extra boost to get in the zone and ready to do business on the pitch.

There’s a few reasons why you might need that extra boost, such as –

  • You don’t feel like you played well in your last game
  • You missed the last game through injury or suspension
  • You feel a little nervous as it’s a big game
  • You just want to give yourself the best chance of playing well

Luckily there are a few things you can do put yourself in the right mindset for a top performance, and here we take a look at some of the best methods for match day motivation!

How To Get Motivated On Match Day


How To Get Motivated On Match Day -  Preparation

Ever heard the phrase Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance? Well that’s the first step to getting motivated on match day.

Before you get motivated you need a clear head, and that means not having to worry about things like your boots, kit and shin pads.

Check our guides on cleaning your boots and shin pads to and make sure that’s something you don’t need to think about before a game.


How To Get Motivated On Match Day - Music

Ever seen the ads featuring top players wearing the latest headphones and listening to their favourite tunes before a game?

The great thing about those is they reflect how a pro prepares for a game – just watch players arriving at a stadium and you’ll see them listening to music.

You don’t need the latest expensive headphones though, just a playlist of the songs that get you feeling pumped!


How To Get Motivated On Match Day - Positive Memories

While you’re putting on your kit, boots and shin pads, think back to times when things have gone right for you on the football pitch.

This could be a performance you were happy with, an important goal you scored or maybe a big result for your team such as a cup final victory.

Thinking back to those moments puts you back in the positive mindframe from that time and gives you confidence for the game ahead.


How To Get Motivated On Match Day - Role Models

Everyone has that one person who has had the biggest influence on them as footballer and it’s that person’s advice or the example they have set that tends to stick with you.

It could be an old coach, a parent or even a player you have always admired.

Remembering some of their best advice, things you learned from watching them, or even just how they have always believed in you, will give you a mental boost as you get ready to play.


How To Get Motivated On Match Day - Motivational Quotes

Got a favourite quote or saying that always gets you pumped when you think of it?

Just before kick-off is a good time to say it to yourself.

Try Googling for some more and you’ll get fired up in the process!


How To Get Motivated On Match Day - Custom Shin Pads

One of the best ways to make use of personalised shin pads is to get something motivational on them that you can look at as you’re getting ready to play.

With that in mind, you could have a picture of a past achievement, a role model/hero, your favourite quote, or all three!

Take a look here to see all the styles of personalised shin pads in our shop!

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