How To Clean Your Football Boots – Five Easy Steps To Freshness

There’s no doubt about it, knowing how to clean your football boots quickly and easily can save you a lot of hassle both before and after you play.

How many times have you lifted your boots out of your bag on match day to find them stinking and soggy from your last match or training session?

Here we’ll run through the easiest way to get them gleaming, and all it takes is ten minutes after you play!

How To Clean Your Football Boots


How To Clean Your Football Boots - Step One

If you’ve just finished playing, your task is likely to be a lot easier here as the dirt hasn’t had time to get too fond of your boot.

Either way, start with clearing the larger clumps of mud by knocking the soles together and rinsing the whole boot with water (best done at an outside tap!).


How To Clean Your Football Boots - Step Two

So you’ve got rid of the easy-to-remove pieces of dirt, and now have a dampened boot that’s still showing some of the more stubborn stains.

Start with the soles, and remove anything that’s stuck in the smaller crevices. We’ve found that the end of an old nail file can be useful for this if it’s pointy enough, and you can then use an old toothbrush once you’ve loosened the excess dirt.

Some suggest using an knife here but you’re likely to damage the sole of your boots, plus it’s more dangerous so don’t bother!


How To Clean Your Football Boots - Step Three

At this point you can give your boots another rinse to remove any excess dirt before working on the upper. A really good tool for this step is a fairly large brush with soft bristles (to prevent damage, especially to leather boots).

Brushes like these tend to make things a lot easier and it’s just a case of dipping it in a bucket of water and using it to clean the outsole.

You should also give the previously prepared soles a go with this brush as it’ll remove anything left on there.


How To Clean Your Football Boots - Step Four

You’ll notice at this stage that your boots now look clean, but we’re not done yet.

Give them one more rinse with clean water and then use an old cloth to wipe them thoroughly. Although they looked clean before this, the cloth will now be dirty so you’ve got rid of another layer of dirt!


How To Clean Your Football Boots - Step Five

Lightly wipe off any excess water with a dry cloth and leave your boots to dry.

It’s important that you let them dry naturally as leaving them beside a heat source will likely damage them or alter the shape.

Mission accomplished – you’ve cleaned your boots!

If your boots are leather, you can consider applying dubbin once they’re dry to protect them – simply rub it on and polish with a cloth.

It might sound strange but having clean boots can really clear your head before a game and now you know how to clean your football boots you’ll feel 100% ready when you’re about to step onto the pitch!

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