Mithra Custom Shin Pads

Mithra Custom Shin Pads – The Background

At a time when football boots get increasingly flashy and professionals personalise everything from their swimming pools to the headrests in their Bentleys, one piece of custom kit that’s a little more personal and a lot less visible is growing in popularity – custom shin pads.

Personalised swimming pools and Bentleys may seem a world away from the discerning amateur footballer but the good thing about custom shin pads is that in terms of cost they aren’t just a luxury for the pros.

Most brands use carbon fiber for their custom shin pads so as well as having their design printed on them, the wearer is generally getting some of the strongest protection available without adding any significant weight under their socks.

One such company that is producing great-looking and affordable custom shin pads is Mithra Sport. The Italian brand’s offering centres around it’s MC3 shin pad, with it’s carbon fiber outer shell and non-allergenic internal padding made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).

Mithra Custom Shin Pads
Mithra have also recently launched a new “FIT” variation of the MC3 pads which are the same size and weight but have the outer shell split in three for increased flexibility around the shin.The MC3 shin pads are 17cm x 13cm in size and weight approximately 30g, which is apparently the same weight as your average teaspoon. As well as customers being able to choose basically anything they want to have printed on their shin pads, there’s also a choice of foam colour from white, black, red, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Personalizzati FIT
Despite their normal invisibility, professionals and amateurs alike are always keen to proudly share pictures of their own pads and there’s been plenty of cases when goal scorers have reached into their sock and produced their pads in celebration.Common choices for printing on custom shin pads include family photos, squad numbers and club logos so it’s obvious that while the pads are hidden under socks the majority of the time, they usually have great meaning for the wearer, perhaps similar to someone with tattoos in less visible places.

Mithra Custom Shin Pads
Mithra Sport boasts professionals from leagues around the world as it’s customers and are particularly supported in Serie A due to their location. For those interested in purchasing Mithra’s MC3 shin pads they can be found here and cost £95.99, while the FIT variation costs £110.99, and both these prices include recorded delivery to any location worldwide.