Interview: Scotland international Jo Love!

Jo Love Scotland

Jo Love (@jolove6 on Twitter) is a Scottish international midfielder who plays her club football for Glasgow City and we recently got a chat with her to talk about her career and her Equipe custom shin pads.

After making her Scotland debut as a 16-year-old, Jo has gone on to make an amazing 168 appearances for her country, scoring 12 goals.

She started her senior career with Kilmarnock and went on to play for Doncaster Belles and Celtic before joining Glasgow City, where she has been a key player for the team that have now won the Scottish Women’s Premier League nine times in a row.

Read on for our interview with Jo, where she talks about her career and her Sesame Street shin pads!


Hi Jo! With Glasgow City at the top of the WSPL, how happy are you with how your season has gone so far?
The season has gone well so far for us. We’ve had a few hiccups along the way and its took us some time to hit a bit of form.Hopefully now we’ll peak coming into Champions League games!

How did you get started playing football and how did joining Kilmarnock come about?
I started playing with the school team and local team (Largs Girls), which was suggested to me by a neighbour as her sister ran the club. Kilmarnock approached me and as they were the closest women’s senior club (not to mention one of the most established clubs in Scotland at the time!), that made the decision easy – my parents had to do a lot of running around for me!

What players did you admire growing up?
Brian Laudrup was (and maybe still is!) my idol. I was lucky enough to play along side Julie Fleeting from a young age and I admire the career she has had – great gal!

If you had to give one piece of advice to aspiring footballers today what would it be?
The biggest thing is to enjoy what you do. To play football at a good level, it takes sacrifices and lots of dedication, so the love for the game has to be the initial spark.

You made your Scotland debut at a very young age, what’s been the highlight of your international career?
My first cap was a massive step in my career so that was always one to remember. Also when we played USA in 2002; the USA had some of the biggest names in the game playing….Lets just say it was 2-2 at half time!!!

Team spirit seems to be very good at both your club and country, which of your teammates is the biggest joker and have you played any good pranks on each other?
I think people would say that I was the biggest joker (whether that’s good or bad, I don’t know!) But its important to keep spirits high in team sports and everyone in the team keep me lifted when I need it too. There’s not many pranks go on, but you need thick skin!!!

Apart from the obvious reason of “everyone loves the Muppets and Sesame Street”, did anything else make you pick those designs for your shin pads?
Basically, I’m a big kid at heart and its true… I love the Muppets and Sesame Street! My shinnies are great πŸ™‚

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