Eight Custom Shin Pads Design Ideas

The design of custom shin pads is something that usually has some personal meaning to the player that will wear the shin pads and at Pro Soccer Shin Pads we can take care of all aspects of your design for you. Of course you can provide the design yourself if you prefer to but if you just have a basic idea we will come up with your design for free and work with you until you’re 100% happy with it. So for anyone struggling to come up with an initial idea, here are eight great designs to get you started!

1. Your Home Comforts

City and Pet Shin Pads

Perhaps you need something to remind you of home when you’re gearing up for your game or fixing your socks during a break in play. A picture of a home city, a prized possession or a pet are popular options for those wishing to pay tribute to parts of their life that they are particularly proud of.

2. Your Country

Serbia Shin Pads

One for the patriotic soccer players out there, like Sampdoria goalkeeper Angelo Da Costa. You can represent your country at all times with a flag placed proudly across your shin pads!

3. Your Club

Juventus Shin Pads

What better way to show your support for your childhood team, or your loyalty to the team you play for, than have their badge under your socks? Just consider changing it when you moves clubs, unlike ex-Manchester United players Wes Brown and Nemanja Vidic!

4. Your Love

Boy And Girl Shin Pads

A picture of you and that someone special together is perfect to both remind you of them and flatter the lucky partner at the same time.

5. Your Inspiration

Wolf Shin Pads

Your custom shin pads can be a great source of motivation prior to a game and inspirational quotes are a popular choice of design.

6. Your Design

Colourful Shin Pads

This one can be less personal – maybe you’d just like to create (or let us create) something that is fun and visually appealing. The montage above of different logos and text creates a unique and colourful set of shin pads.

7. Your Children

Kids Shin Pads

One of the most popular designs is a tribute to the wearer’s children and tend to go down as well with the children as they do with the player!

8. Your Random Interest

Joker Shin Pads

How about a tribute to someone you admire, your favourite fictional character, a TV show or book? The possibilities are endless!