Carbon Fiber Shin Pads And Prevention Of Injury

A recent study on the level of protection provided by carbon fiber shin pads in comparison to polypropylene based shin guards concluded that carbon fiber shin pads possess protective qualities superior to those of commercial polypropylene shin pads. In basic terms, the carbon fiber variety is able to absorb impacts of much greater force and impulse.

Shin Injuries

Although carbon fiber shin pads offer greater protection it is always good to know about potential injuries, particularly because not all of them are a result of impact and therefore not covered by the protection of a shin pad. Probably the most common shin injury not caused by impact is Shin Splints, otherwise known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome. This condition is an irritation of the Tibia (shin bone) which is caused by over-use, with those who run on hard surfaces being particularly affected.

More Information

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