Brad Bobley’s Megnuts Shin Pads – So Sweet! 😂

Megnuts! If you were a fan of Soccer AM over the past season you’re probably also now a fan of Brad Bobley and his Soccer Camps. Brad has appeared on multiple episodes promoting his unique brand of coaching while always looking for a “megnuts” opportunity. One of the coach’s recent lessons was on the importance […]

How To Get Motivated On Match Day - Match Day Guides

How To Get Motivated On Match Day – Get An Extra Boost When You Step Onto The Pitch!

Although you probably love the game and always look forward to playing on match day, sometimes you just need that extra boost to get in the zone and ready to do business on the pitch. There’s a few reasons why you might need that extra boost, such as – You don’t feel like you played […]

What To Eat On Match Day - Match Day Guides

What To Eat On Match Day – Fuel Your Performance The Right Way!

If you’re reading this the chances are you love the game and spend all week looking forward to match day. It’s the day you can put all your training and preparation into practice, but most importantly it’s the most enjoyable day of a footballer’s week. So when you make it to Saturday, or whichever day […]

p Your Shin Pads In Place - Match Day Guides

How To Keep Your Shin Pads In Place During A Game

How To Keep Your Shin Pads In Place – Method One: Taping How To Tape Your Shin Pads Taping over the socks has long been the method of choice for the majority of footballers to secure their shin pads and although it’s straightforward, some ways of taping are better than others. Probably the most popular […]

How To Clean Your Shin Pads

How To Clean Shin Guards In Five Easy Steps

How To Clean Shin Guards – Five Easy Steps To Keep Your Shin Guards Fresh! Learning how to clean shin guards regularly will assist in keeping them in top condition and extend their useful life. Regular cleaning of soccer shin guards will also help extinguish odours and reduce the chance of fungal or mold growth. […]


New Product: GL Sport Custom Shin Pads!

It’s our pleasure at Pro Soccer Shin Pads to introduce the latest brand to be added to our Shop – GL Sport! Based in Fidenza, Parma, GL Sport was founded on over 50 years of experience in the highly-skilled manufacture of specialist orthopedic items and nowadays they manufacture various forms of the highest quality protection, […]

girls custom shin pads

Video: Girls With Game show off their Equipe custom shin pads!

Girls With Game (@girlswithgameofficial on Instagram) are a duo of football bloggers who create great content across their various channels (e.g. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook) which includes tutorials, concepts and reviews. Recently we provided the girls with their own Equipe custom shin pads and they kindly produced the following video for us, check it out!   […]