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Premier League Shin Pads

Five Of The Best Custom Shin Pads In The Premier League

You wont find too many Barclays Premier League players without their own custom shin pads these days with a lot of the top stars wearing various brands with their own designs on them. Checking out what designs the pros go for can provide some good inspiration for what you want on yours so we’ve taken […]

Carbon Fibre Shin Pads And Prevention Of Injury

Carbon Fiber Shin Pads And Prevention Of Injury

A recent study on the level of protection provided by carbon fiber shin pads in comparison to polypropylene based shin guards concluded that carbon fiber shin pads possess protective qualities superior to those of commercial polypropylene shin pads. In basic terms, the carbon fiber variety is able to absorb impacts of much greater force and impulse. […]

Buying Guide For Kids' Shin Pads

Buying Guide For Kids Shin Pads

The process of selecting the most appropriate kids shin pads for soccer can sometimes be overlooked and seen as unimportant, however choosing wisely is often key to avoiding serious injury and depending on the player’s individual preferences can prevent discomfort during a game. It is obviously extremely important that children are able to enjoy soccer […]

Carbon Fibre Shin Guards

Why Carbon Fiber Is Ideal For Customised Shin Pads

Why Carbon Fiber Shin Pads? With the rising popularity of carbon fiber shin pads, it is sometimes asked what the significance of using carbon fiber in the manufacturing is. Carbon fiber is a super strong material that’s also extremely lightweight. Engineers and designers love it because it’s five times as strong as steel, two times […]

Carbon Fibre Shin Pads

Study On The Effectiveness of Shin Guards Used by Football Players

The aim of this study was to compare the protective effectiveness of polypropylene based shin guards with custom-made carbon fiber ones. Three commercial polypropylene shin guards (Adidas Predator™, Adidas UCL™, and Nike Mercurial™) and two custom-made carbon fiber shin guards were examined. The experimental setup had the following parts: 1) A pendulum attached a load […]